How To Play Guitar The Way You Want

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How to PLAY GUITAR? Where to start? Where do I get a cheap guitar that sounds good and looks cool? ... an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar? What is a bass guitar? I have no idea how to set the strings or tune a guitar, do I need any other equipment to start with this? I'm a music-manic in love with the language of street music ... should I FOCUS ON MUSIC theory if I want my art to remain cool? I listen to my guitar idols and instead of being motivated my fears become stronger and I FEEL more insecure - I froze in front of my friends when I try to play something, even if we're only hanging out, and it shouldn't be this way ... supposedly it should be more fun, right?

Everybody Can PLAY ... Why Not?

If you want to play the guitar well and ENJOY IT, you don't need to be a musical genius or a gifted ... talent is just something that could make your life easier in some of the many aspects of your playing that will require attention often times talented people find it more "natural" to assimilate something that others need to strive to achieve. It's true there are some lucky guys around, but in the end it does not matter ... no kidding, because all the skills that you need to develop can be learned by anyone ... there is no mystery to it, you just need a good plan.

Guitar methods, music theory lessons, instructional videos, chords, tablatures, electric or acoustic guitars, effects and pedals, amplifiers, strings, tuners, guitar backing tracks, a private teacher in your city, first-class music to feed your musicality...

...forums for guitarists to SHARE your concerns...the resources, the logistics. They are all elements that you can easily find online, even for free, you just need to know what to look for and how to identify the quality tools that will be more useful.

There Are A Few Must-Have Things You Need
In Order To Learn How To Play Guitar

1. The most important is your desire to do so, you must want it dreams of being a guitar hero or another that powerful motivation could help a lot, you must be convinced of it.
2. You must be willing to spend a lot of time practicing, discovering, experimenting and trying to overcome any specific CHALLENGE that beyond remedy will bring you up to the next level of mastery of the instrument.

Several times I've spoken to musician friends who say the practice neither is nor have to be fun; instead fun will come later on... although I don't totally agree with them, I can understand those who think that way because most people expect instant results the pursuit of instant gratification with minimal effort is a hallmark of our contemporary society ... fortunately there are ways not to make this self-training process slow, tedious and boring - and make it work.

Stay Glued To Your Goal Until You Reach It

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If you want to learn to play guitar in a reasonable amount of time you need to FOCUS your efforts, for example, do not spend too much time on issues which don't significantly contribute to the GOAL you want to achieve ... goals that you must define as accurately as possible, if you want to be able to develop a realistic strategy and break through small victories from the beginning ... you must try to BE MOTIVATED at all times ... your emotional well-being is a key factor, a positive attitude can make a big difference ... if you can make the snowball starts rolling, it's almost certain the rest will come by itself.

Who would not wish to be born with the necessary skills to "walk around" the fingerboard improvising on any harmony or scale, making the guitar "sing" what a second before you listened somewhere in your mind. Who would not wish to be able to fly so high, it would be great if we could be born with these kinds of built-in capabilities within our human operating system ... but that's not reality ... to know how to play the guitar well, at some point WE ALL have to overcome the typical obstacles of those ready to take the first steps on the way of honest preparation.

Prepare Yourself To Learn

In addition to a limited hand technique, a lack or total absence of self confidence and musical knowledge is normal at first, how to PLAY the GUITAR if I don't know anything about it? ... this sounds almost scary ... but , from my own experience, I can tell you it's completely POSSIBLE to overcome this unfavorable situation ... a successful mission will depend directly on the amount of quality hours you are willing to devote to your instrument, to your guitar ... I will not lie you, when it comes to MUSIC and ANY OTHER THING IN LIFE, all the significant achievements require 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration ... 5% talent + 95% effort = A JOB WELL DONE.

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